Rinse FM’s newest resident

We were approached by Rinse FM resident ESK to create a dynamic and flexible digital brand identity for use across social media, streaming platforms and live events. Working collaboratively alongside ESK we carved up an own-able motion-led design system that allowed him to showcase interviews and tracklists to radio listeners on a month by month rotation.

In such an over-saturated market ESK needed an identity that cut through the white noise. Inspired by the recollection of bass speakers shaking the displays of CRT computers, the word marque has a glitchy aesthetic that recalls the malfunctioning graphics of these machines when shaken.


As part of the design system we also created a set of branded visuals for use as backdrops to ESK’s live events and DJ sets. The tonal spheres were created using the ESK logo and built to reflect the motion of a disco ball with glowing spots appearing intermittently to evoke the idea of light hitting the ball.