A glitch inspired campaign for dance musics breakthrough artist

We were commissioned by Virgin Music to create the visual identity and overarching creative direction for Effy’s debut EP ‘Not What It Seems’ and it’s supporting singles ‘Not Yours’ and ‘Run It’.

The creative approach for the series took inspiration from the varying perspectives of a club night focusing on the relationship between the DJ and the crowd, utilising the motion of light to bring the scenes to life.


The motion concept for the identity was inspired by light and the way it interacts with the dance floor. The washes of light worked to create movement and evoke a sense of euphoria, a key part of the build of Effy’s music. These elements were then used in a series of macro and micro crops to create abstract backdrops.


As part of the design system we developed and built ‘Frequency Headline’ a custom headline typeface to be used as part of the EP campaign. The italic condensed characters featured spikes that burst out of the letterforms to reflect the impact of sound within a nightclub environment.

The bold typography worked to contrast the rough textures and grittiness of the background elements in both motion and print.