A digital design system inspired by Ladbroke Grove

We were asked to develop the visual identity for London based record label, distributor and community LG105 and its associated playlist ‘NOCTURNAL’. Named after the location of the labels inception (Ladbroke Grove) we built on this idea creating a bespoke set of brand assets underpinned by the area, using our visual findings to influence our creative process.
Deliverables: Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Campaign Creative, Animated Ident, Social Media Creative




CCTV Inspired Graphics

One of the outputs of the developed brand was the label partner creative, a new asset that was used to promote LG105’s distribution arm and its relationship with other labels.
The concept for this asset drew inspiration from Ladbroke Grove taking on a surveillance based perspective. The use of white noise, viewfinder related graphics and blur effects accompanied by the rotating animated CCTV typography worked to create a connection to LG105’s origins whilst showcasing releases and their related labels.



The Iconography

Building on the idea of a CCTV control panel we developed a bespoke set of animated iconography to use across digital and printed outputs. Influenced by shapes and forms from the walls, railings, manhole covers and textures of Ladbroke Grove the icons moved to reflect the music and drew inspiration from speakers, fret boards, sequences and frequencies to form a language bespoke to LG105.