A disruptive brand for Ross From Friends record label

We were commissioned to build the brand for electronic producer and DJ Ross From Friends’ new record label Scarlet Tiger. The creative concept was born from the shape, form and movement of the Rubiks cube, manifesting itself into a dynamic motion led identity system that ensured the Scarlet Tiger brand made an instant impact in the ever changing music industry.

Building on the square Rubiks cube inspired grid created for the release artwork, we rotated the blocks to form an abstract symbol that subtly alludes to a connected S and T. When combined it formed a unique identifier that was used as a graphic identifier, language and pattern.

Deliverables: Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Animated Visualisers Animated Ident, Social Media Creative



Scarlet Sans

As part of the design system we developed and built a custom Scarlet Tiger headline typeface. The angular characters were built on the square pixel grid and crafted from the negative shapes in the release artwork to add depth to communications.