A natural identity for a new weight management health shot

We were commissioned by GLTea-1 to work on the brand strategy and identity for their new yerba mate weight management shot. Named to reflect GLP-1 (a naturally occurring hormone that’s boosted by yerba mate), the brand aims to connect with new and existing audiences. The identity uses a series of refined visual elements to build on the idea that GLTea-1 is ‘Your natural alternative’ to artificial methods of increasing your bodies natural levels of GLP-1.
Deliverables: Strategy, Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Campaign Creative, Website Design, Social Media Creative

Science vs Nature

Although GLTea-1 is a natural product it is all underpinned by the scientific research behind GLP-1, creating an interesting visual juxtaposition that had to be delicately captured. The combination of these core foundations subtly translates into both the brand elements and the accompanying design system across all communications and marketing assets.
The brand itself balances clean, geometric typography and a clinical vibrant green accent with a natural supporting colour palette and yerba mate visual element. Across communications we introduced blur panels and textures, drawing a subtle connection to laboratory Petri dishes to further enforce the scientific background of the brand.